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Accept the decision

I beg to disagree with your front page statement "Mayor felled, Dignity in defeat". Ms Perri could not even attend the poll declaration. Is that dignity?The Monash people have voted and she has to accept their decision.

- Anne Le Grand

Safety on school buses

A recent interstate tragedy involving a nine-year-old student killed in a school bus crash has again highlighted the need for better safety standards on school buses. In Victoria, school buses and public transport buses are exempt from compulsory seatbelt laws and it is time this changed.

Putting on a seatbelt is the first thing most Victorians do when getting into a car, so it seems absurd that the vehicles ferrying the state's children to and from school are not even required to have these life-saving devices fitted. A report released in NSW last week recommended making them compulsory in all rural and regional school buses. Victoria's lawmakers would be well advised to heed the same advice.

Although the costs involved in retrofitting are often used to justify the current state of affairs, it's time to put the safety of our children front and centre in this debate.

- Katalin Blond, State Practice Group Leader, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Slater & Gordon

Working for results

I would like to thank the people of Oakleigh Ward for placing their trust in me to represent our community on Monash council for the next four years. I consider this a huge honour and I will work as hard as I can to represent all residents and ratepayers and get the results we need.

I look forward to working with you, and with my council colleagues, so that we can build on our great reputation as the best council in Victoria. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time on 9551 7202

- Theo Zographos, Oakleigh ward

Running a monopoly

It seems you can 'team up' and monopolise the election through preferences ... sorry for Stefanie, though.

- Craig

Re: A senior's inspiring words

What a wonderful reward for so many years of dedication. Congratulations to someone who is clearly a positive and active role model for seniors everywhere.

- Anon

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