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Re: Chisholm's up for grabs, says Hockey

Chisholm federal Labor MP Anna Burke has done nothing for this area: all she seems to care about is her own career advancement — bills are up, jobless up. I hope John Nguyen gets elected. It's about time we had someone who put their energies into the area.

— Brian Belmont

Re: Stunning upset as new-look Monash Council revealed

A bit rich for Labor councillors to get elected on preferences and then complain about preferences.

— Tony

Congratulations to the new councillors. You have a big task ahead, in particular to resolve the unfunded superannuation. I hope the councillors new or old can spend more time talking with the ratepayers, including the business operators.

The window displays of shops need to be freshened up and not look like some low-class, back-alley junk shops. The over-emphasis on mall shopping is shortsighted and will lead to the death of the suburbs.

The hygiene standards in many food premises, including grocery shops, have declined, and occupational health and safety must be more closely monitored. The council meetings had been really boring: the discussions were substandard, and some councillors should keep to two or three sentences.

— Sin Fong Chan

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