Monash dog fight: Last appeal for Kerser

LAWYERS defending a declared pit bull have renewed an appeal in the Supreme Court in the hope of overturning its death sentence.

The dog's owner, Jade Applebee of Mount Waverley, now faces a second anxious wait to determine whether the case will proceed to a full hearing.

For the case to be heard, the court must find there are grounds to argue that Justice Zammit, who presided over the initial Supreme Court application, made an error of law in her ruling last month.

Monash mayor Micaela Drieberg said the council hoped the hearing would be held in the near future.

"It's become quite a drawn-out matter, which I don't think is helpful for anyone involved," she said.

"We'd obviously prefer not to be going to the Supreme Court again on this matter when the court's previous ruling was so clear-cut. However, we respect the legal rights of the dog's owner to make this last appeal."

The appeal follows the drama of a mass protest and bomb threat as authorities prepared to euthanase the dog which was to be put down two weeks ago.

Intervention from the Barristers Animal Welfare Panel stalled the move.

The 11th-hour reprieve came as protesters gathered at the RSPCA in Burwood where Kerser was being held. They were evacuated from the premises following a bomb threat to the building.

The protests were partly organised on a Facebook page started by Ms Applebee. The page titled 'Free Kerser', has more than 11,000 'likes'.

An international petition — entitled 'Save Kerser from being euthanized! (sic)' — was also circulated and called on Premier Denis Napthine to spare the dog. It received almost 25,000 signatures within days. The campaign was led by Canadian woman Carrie Rogers, who also lists 'No more Foie Gras' and 'Remove the I hate dogs' page from Facebook", among the causes she supports.

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