Letters to the editor, Monash

Re: Monash mayor keeps it dinky di, with Sri Lankan twist

I am a British citizen of Ceylonese origin and I am very proud of my British citizenship. No one here has ever asked me about my name or complexion in more than 50 years! Perhaps Cr Drieberg should go back to Sri Lanka?


Re: In the thicket of the debate

Please let the owners decide on how they want to maintain their property. The Monash vegetation protection overlay should be widened but only for nature strips and creeks and reserve areas that do not include private residential premises. The cost of the survey is justified as the council needs to hear and record the comments of house owners. But maybe they should only write to owners who have big trees in their compound as it is easy for tree lovers to want the VPO to be maintained but have no large trees in their compound.


Why demonise the riders?

I was saddened to see that the TAC has decided to re-run an ad from 2009 that was widely condemned by the riding community at the time. The TAC has had years of correspondence from those that ride and are advocates of safe riding, that this ad 'The Ride' misses the mark.

It also flies in the face of the recent parliamentary motorcycle safety inquiry that reported the figures used in the ad were inaccurate, and urged future ad campaigns to help vulnerable road users, rather than demonising them by reinforcing negative stereotypes of riders.

I would hope the Baillieu government addresses this problem within its road safety agency when it responds to the parliamentary report's recommendations.

John Salanitri, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

Have you seen the car that drove off?

This is a long shot but about 4.50pm on February 18 my car was involved in a crash at the intersection of Highbury and Middleborough roads on the border of Mt Waverley and Burwood East. As I proceeded to turn down a side street to let traffic pass, the other driver drove off without exchanging insurance details, and I was not able to see the registration number. My car is a write-off, so I would be very grateful if anyone saw the incident, knows any details or sees a dark-coloured new series Civic or Corolla front end smashed driving around or coming in for repairs. Thanks.

Alex Hlawaty, Beaumaris, 0417 170 031

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