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Building regulations

I would like to support a petition to all councils to consider implementing immediately new building regulations. All buildings should not overshadow any existing buildings that have been fitted with solar panels. Council buildings and any rented properties should have solar panels installed under a similar regulation.

Bernard Dunlop (via web)

Re: Rowville rail study delay

A more frequent bus system to Monash University would be a better option than installing a noisy and costly train system through residential areas.

Megreeve (via web)

Re: MPs gear up to cut bike safety fee

Interesting point is that I have two motorcycles and I pay the levy on both — time to ask for a refund, methinks!

What amazes me is that though cars kill more motorcyclists, with killer trees and poles a close second, yet we do not apply the levy to cars nor remove the No. 1 killer on our roads.

It seems that there is some sort of strategy to place trees and poles at the outer apex of every corner, which is all too often fatal — just ask Peter Brock.

Lliquidlen (via web)

Re: Dinky di, with a Sri Lankan twist

Sri Lankan Burghers have kept the Sri Lankan flag flying high as they are proud to identify as Sri Lankan migrants or descendants of such migrants. Today it's the mayor of Monash, Micaela Drieberg, but in the past few years it was David de Kretser, the former governor of Victoria.

My congratulations to the Burgher community.

Anilrsa (via web)

Mayor Micaela Drieberg is quoted as saying about the background of her name and complexion: "I'm Sri Lankan — that's what I say.". So, Cr Drieberg, are you Australian or Sri Lankan?

I'm an Australian of Chinese descent!

Sin Fong Chan (via web)

School safety zones

With school returning this is a good time to remember that many things change when the school year begins, and many of them are to ensure the safety of students.

There is not only more traffic, but 40kmh zones around schools begin operating again, cars stop in drop-off zones as they ferry kids to and from school, and there are more cyclists to contend with on our regular journeys.

Our kids spend a huge amount of time — around 1200 hours a year — at school, which is a long time removed from the care of their parents.

So while our schools take on a serious duty of care to keep our children safe when they're not with us, we all share a responsibility to take heightened care around schools and on the roads.

We wish all students the best of luck this school year and we hope they stay safe, both in and around the school grounds.

John Salanitri, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

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