Letters to the editor

Re: Mt Waverley’s under siege

I can’t sit back in silence after reading Cr Tom Morrissey’s comments in this article about the importance of protecting Mt Waverley from inappropriate high-density developments. He did not support me when I contacted him for his support and assistance in what he initially said was ‘an overdevelopment of the site’ in relation to a three-storey, 53-unit apartment to be built behind my residence. In fact, when I attended the council meeting I saw him put his hand up at the council vote in support of the development. Interesting ...

Julia, Mt Waverley

Re: Chorus of approval for singer

I have been a member of East City Sound for the past three years — I joined when they held their workshop last time.

I love it! Singing is wonderful for the soul! I have learnt and continue to learn so much by being a part of this group.

The chorus belongs to Sweet Adelines Australia, which is under the worldwide umbrella of Sweet Adelines International. Both organisations are continually offering opportunities to educate their members in this wonderful art form. We are all learning all the time. Come and join us. 

Debbie Jordan

Re: Smoking ban: Some ifs and butts

Hawaii is looking at legislation to repeal the smoking ban in adults-only businesses.

Is the Australian government so bought off by the pharmaceutical industry that sells the anti-smoking patches and gums that they are willing to kill all the small businesses by rolling out a smoking ban? It certainly looks like it. Does the government think that Australians are too stupid to not go into a ‘smoking allowed’ business? Who is getting the money for pushing this business-killing nonsense?

Sheila Martin (via Facebook)

Re: Oakleigh hoon fan crisis worsens

Victorians, could you explain what exactly this crisis is?

What happens in Oakleigh that the police have to deploy the public order response team and critical incident response team?

Why are people with families and children going there?

Aldo Tummarello (via Facebook)

Re: Eastern Health budget cuts

Clinicians and services go but the administrators and pen pushers in Eastern Health remain — the same ones who caused the problem in the first place.

Sharon, Boronia (via web)

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