Oakleigh hoon fan crisis worsens

NO-stopping zones designed to combat Oakleigh’s Friday night hoons may have to be extended as the problem continues to worsen.

In recent weeks, hundreds of spectators descended on Princes Highway between Warrigal Road and Atkinson Road to watch hoon behaviour in the troubled hot spot.

The no-stopping zones were initially aimed at preventing crowds from gathering there on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights between 11pm and 5am.

But police say spectators, most of whom live outside of Monash, continue to defy the bans.

Senior Sergeant Gary Ogden of the Oakleigh police said some spectators took their children and sat on deck chairs to watch the hoons.

‘‘Eventually somebody’s going to die,’’ Senior Sergeant Ogden said.

‘‘[They’ll] get killed by one of these cars doing hoon driving, either along the Princes Highway or where the large crowds spectate around about the Warrigal Road and Princes Highway intersection.’’

‘‘We’ve just got to get rid of the spectators. If there’s no spectators, there’s no cars.’’

Police often issue fines for speeding, disobeying road rules, failing to wear a seatbelts and using mobile phones when crowds gather for the uncontrolled races.

Sergeant Colin Greenland of the Nunawading highway patrol said the presence of a crowd was a major contributor to hoon behaviour. ‘‘It is a fatality waiting to happen,’’ Sergeant Greenland said.

Elsewhere last week, a middle-aged driver doing ‘donuts’ died after he lost control of his car. Police point out that such attempts at stunt driving can have tragic results.

‘‘This could easily happen on Warrigal Road, could happen on Princes Highway, could happen anywhere,’’ Sergeant Greenland said.

‘‘Some idiot can be doing a burnout at an intersection or at a U-turn spot along Princes highway and they can be putting on a show for all the onlookers. 

"Then all of a sudden something goes wrong, a tyre blows, a car comes out of a driveway or out of some other area. We could have serious injuries. We could have people dead.

‘‘A lot of times these people just do not think about the consequence of their actions.’’

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