PSOs coming to Clayton, Oakleigh

ARMED guards will be stationed at Clayton and Oakleigh stations from this month as part of the Baillieu government's plan to stamp out crime around transport hubs.

Acting Senior Sergeant Jill Hermans of the Oakleigh police said protective services officers would patrol the stations from 6pm until the last train.

The five PSOs are expected to start work on February 11.

The announcement comes as Public Transport Minister Terry Mulder confirmed that PSOs would be deployed at Glen Waverley station in the future.

Acting Senior Sergeant Hermans said the arrival of the PSOs could "only be positive".

"I know it's had some bad press but it will be great for the people who are catching trains late at night and are worried about their safety," she said. "It's really going to make an impact here."

The officers will be supervised by Victoria Police's transit division and based at Oakleigh police station. As part of their powers, PSOs can arrest the drunk and disorderly, detain people, conduct searches, issue fines and seize liquor from minors.

"Some of the things they'll have to hand over to police, but they'll be the johnny on the spot," she said. "I think it will complement the work that police do.

"Police can't be sitting on the train station platform every day from 6pm onwards, but our PSOs will be doing that."

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