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Re: Clayton mosque: Disquiet over plan

A report in The Age on the Monash Uniting Church's opposition to the construction/renovation of the mosque included this quote from Reverend Hoon You: "The meaning of 'mosque' is 'submission', so when Islam invades European countries and they dominate, the first thing they do is build the mosque".

I emailed the Monash Uniting Church to express my disappointment at these comments but have yet to get a response. I wrote that the church, as represented here by their lay and spiritual leaders, more closely resembled a collection of Islamophobic conspiracy theorists than compassionate Christians, or multi-faith Australians. I wrote: "Your opinions are at odds with Australian society, its political parties, its religions, and its cross-religious peak bodies. Your comments have been rejected by the broader Uniting Church, which is otherwise at the forefront of interfaith co-operation and a great supporter of progressive social justice reform.

"Your comments display hate, not love; fear, not compassion. I entreat you to publicly repudiate your earlier display of ignorance, irrational fear, and hate." Neither Mr Farrell, Mr You or, as far as I am aware, the local church community, has rejected these positions. They must be reminded that religious pluralism is a cornerstone of our democracy and the persecution of a minority religion by an established religion smacks of malicious self-interest. 

Jack Kenchington-Evans

The house at 16 Beddoe Avenue is already being used as a Muslim prayer space. Converting this place into a mosque will not interfere with the neighbourhood since its use will remain the same. There are many examples of mosques built near houses and the call for prayers does not disturb the residents in the street. Angela (via web)

Wouldn't it be nice if we really could all get along regardless of colour, religion or tradition? Sometimes it doesn't always work that way, but I know our family tries our best.

We don't object to the mosque but we're very concerned about the tower and the call to prayers. If the adhan or call to prayer is called out by the muezzin five times a day, as is the custom, and if this is going to become the status quo, then perhaps it might have to be rethought.

Doorstop's mum (via web)

Congratulations. Long live Australia!

Jayed Hussan (via web)

If this were a Christian church, it would been approved. Before any mosque is approved, take the violence out of the Koran. Muslims do not tolerate anything but their own view of God.

Nobleroman (via web)

Re: MPs gear up to cut bike safety fee

This is well and truly overdue. Now is the time for the Baillieu government to adopt the committee's findings, starting with abolishing this toll.


Re: Cigarette sting turns up heat on Monash retailers

Isn't that entrapment? How many 16 year olds can look 18 or older? Monash Council should have better things to do.

Andrew (via web)

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