'Bad' neighbour in court...

AN Oakleigh South man is facing up to 12 months in jail for repeatedly upsetting his Devoy Street neighbours and disturbing the peace.

Monash Council is prosecuting Greg Foster for a series of incidents allegedly involving lighting fires outdoors, abuse, bad language and threats against property.

Moorabbin Magistrates Court heard last week that Foster had already been given a suspended sentence over "violent behaviour towards police".

Mathew Sherwell, for the City of Monash, said several witnesses who had moved out of the street wanted the case heard immediately so that they could return. The court was told Foster had breached good behaviour orders first made against him in May 2011.

Under the Magistrates Courts Act, he could be jailed for up to 12 months for failing to abide by the orders.

"This is a unique case," Mr Sherwell said. "It's preventative justice. This is a long-running matter that has significance in this particular part of the municipality.

"[In court are] three witnesses who are no longer living in [their] premises but who are looking to move back."

Foster said he no longer lived at the property and it was was now rented.

He objected to court records that he said wrongly accused him of cultivating a marijuana plant. A plant found at the property was not his. "I don't take drugs," Foster said.

He asked for an adjournment, saying he wanted to call up to five witnesses in his defence, including his tenant and a neighbour.

Mr Sherwell opposed the adjournment. He said Foster was aware of the case against him.

Magistrate Thomas Barrett said that because Foster may be jailed, the case should be adjourned so he could be represented by a lawyer. "He's entitled to more time," Mr Barrett said.

He set a hearing date of May 3.

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