Monash Letters: Out of character

I want to strongly voice my anger and outrage — and that of many, many people in the City of Monash and Mount Waverley community — over the vast and inappropriate developments of high density and multi-storey developments growing in our residential suburb. These huge developments are a total eyesore and should be disallowed within the residential areas. I am  forever trying to comprehend when council says ‘‘this particular development is out of character with the area and inconsistent with the city’s planning scheme’’. Well, which high density or multi-residential development monstrosity is? Aren’t they all out of character? They only belong in the city (CBD), that is ‘same neighbourhood character’, not the City of Monash and Mount Waverley. I know councils only real focus is the many collections of rates income from these developments — greed and bottom lines look more attractive than inconsistent and inappropriate neighbourhood character. Residential housing is the one with one or two dwellings per site, the way it was always intended to be from day one. High density and multi-storey developments are neighbourhood character sabotage and when or where will it stop? In time, we will regret what our residential neighbourhood landscape and character has sadly become. I bet this goes nowhere, but at least it’s off my chest! 

— Peter, Mount Waverley

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