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Re: Sex abuse: a journey to justice

We welcome the Royal Commission. The church officials' biggest fear is having to answer to the media (public opinion) or to law enforcement. They are not used to answering to anyone but the Pope. They still work hard to protect their image and their institution rather than innocent children. This vicious cycle of abuse has got to stop, and now there is hope. All the brave victims are to be commended for speaking up.

- Judy Block-Jones, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

Re: 70 jobs to go at Mulgrave's Agilent

Australia has the highest wages in the world. This cannot continue without more job losses. It's a 'global' world.

- Digby Green (via web)

Monash Children's Hospital

I was interested to see the announcement to build Monash Children's' Hospital — a reflection on the desperate need for a children's hospital, but it cynically failed to commit any money for the project. Premier Baillieu and Health Minister Davis should be aware that media releases don't build hospitals.

The Baillieu government has form on the Monash Children's Hospital. They initially matched the Labor Party's commitment to build the hospital by 2014 for $250 million, only to ditch the promise days before the election. Other big projects in the south and south-east, like the building of Southland station, have been dropped by this government.

I would trust the Liberal government's record a little more if they had not been so quick to dump promises once they had got the headline in yesterday's paper. 

- Lee Tarlamis MP, South Eastern Metropolitan Region

The Baillieu government's announcement that the new Monash Children's Hospital will begin to be constructed is fantastic news for the City of Monash and our community. I commend the government and very much look forward to seeing this project progress in the future.

- Cr Theo Zographos, Oakleigh Ward

It's a smokescreen

The Baillieu government has again tried to pull the wool over the eyes of motorists by announcing road maintenance funding, which is a smokescreen for its earlier major funding cut.

Spread over 16 municipalities, the amount offered equals less than $1 million per municipality for road maintenance and is a fraction of the annual road spending in the area by the previous Labor government. Under Labor, an average of $134.7 million was spent every year across Monash, Casey, Frankston, Mornington Peninsula and Greater Dandenong.

The Baillieu government has cut its roads resurfacing budget by 50 per cent across metropolitan Melbourne and is sacking 450 VicRoads staff.

- Luke Donnellan Shadow Minister for Roads and Road Safety

Re: 'There goes the neighbourhood'

Everyone needs to realise that we can't keep building at the fringes of Melbourne. We can't keep driving for hours and polluting the air to get to work. This Glen Waverley development is a perfect site as it is next to transport and services. The mentality of 'we don't want to destroy our neighbourhood' needs to end before there isn't any sort of neighbourhood for the coming generations.

- Choppy (via web)

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