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Schoolies decisions

As Victorian students prepare for final exams, it is timely to remind them that bad Schoolies Week decisions can follow them through their adult lives.

For many, Schoolies will be their first taste of freedom as 18-year-old adults. A criminal conviction recorded as an adult can be a permanent stain on someone's record.

Most Schoolies Week offences start with alcohol, so the key message is to drink responsibly and avoid public drunkenness, consumption of alcohol in public and underage drinking, not to mention the deadly offence of drink-driving.

Police will also be on the lookout for anyone engaging in violence or holding fake IDs, both of which can result in criminal charges, as can the production or distribution of photographs of nude or sexual images of a minor, or sexting.

Schoolies should enjoy themselves without letting a lapse of judgement affect the rest of their lives.

- Kirstie Grigor, Slater & Gordon

Re: Vaccines for Burma

Well done, Alan Griffin! Unlike many of the critics of aid, by going out and seeing firsthand — and, as you say, holding a baby that is quite likely alive and healthy because of Australian aid — you have witnessed the amazing power that our aid program has.

Wish there were more politicians who would go to some of these very poor countries and see the difference that our relative pittance of aid makes.

- Maxandjonas

Re: 'There goes the neighbourhood'

Stop ruining Glen Waverley. There's plenty of land and mostly no (need to go) higher than two storeys.

- Guest

Totally agreed with this article. Glen Waverley is such a beautiful suburb and if they want to build such a mega building, please go and live in the inner city. It's totally out of character!

- Kami

McHappy Day

On behalf of Ronald McDonald House Charities, I would like to thank the community for their support of McHappy Day on Saturday, November 10. 

The event, which took place at McDonald's restaurants across the country, has raised more than $3 million around the nation. The 14 Ronald McDonald Houses across Australia alone have provided more than 85,000 families with a home-away-from-home while their child undergoes treatment for serious illness at a nearby hospital.

- Malcolm Coutts CEO Ronald McDonald House Charities

Re: RACV report sparks road rage

Population growth is causing or exacerbating all of Australia's major problems, and crippling government budgets. A stable population is the only sustainable choice and will relieve our overstretched infrastructure, including roads, hospitals and schools.

- StablePopulation2013

Why not look at the underlying cause of groaning infrastructure — population growth? Are the majority of people in positions of authority blind or just plain stupid? Australia should be consolidating and doing everything it can to stabilise our population, not doing everything it can to accommodate more people when we're failing miserably to look after the people already here.

- Matt Moran

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